Girly Things: How To Make a Hairband or Bracelet

DIY Hairbands

Girls love girly things to accessorize with.  Here is a great idea for how to make a hairband (or bracelet) out of old swimsuits.  Kids Activities Blog hopes you enjoy this way to upcycle kids swimsuits and make some cute girly things for your little girl

Our three girls love to have friendship bracelets… and I love their long hair.  I also don’t have the time I did last summer to make a couple dozen friendship bracelets for them to enjoy.

We hung out with my gorgeous and savvy sister-in-law, who blogs at Fashion Edible.  She had these gorgeous bracelets that the girls (and me) were gaga over.  It was a simple knotted band of spandex.  She used the band as both a thick bracelet and as an emergency hair band.

DIY Hairbands

Girly Things

We happened to have a pair of swim tops that the girls outgrew.  They found new life this summer!!  As “Hair Bracelets”.  These bracelets took a mere 15 min to make several dozen, the girls love them, and have already given a number of them out to their “besties”.

How To Make a Hairband


Grab a fun patterned suit.  Cut any edging off.  We used pinking shears as I liked the zigzag edge.  It is not necessary though, the swim suit material should not fray.

Upcycle Kids Swimsuits

Make strips with the fabric roughly 1/2 – 1 inch wide and 6 inches long.  Knot the ends together securely.

DIY Girly Things: How to make a hairband {upcycle kids swimsuits}

Hair Accessories

We even made a couple of extra long “rings” and used those as headbands (Note: we made them an inch wide and really wish for head bands that they were a bit wider – go two inches wide if you are making headbands and let me know if it works!!).

Our girls love their summer wrist art.  Thanks Aunt Grace for inadvertently inspiring us!

Upcycle kids swimsuits to make girls things: How to make a hairband or bracelet

More Kids Activities

Who knew such cute girly things could be made from an old swimsuit?!  We hope this tutorial on how to make a hairband has inspired you.  For more inspiring kids activities, take a look at these:

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