7 {Non-Icky} Ways To Learn About Bugs

Learn About Bugs

Bugs tend to gross our kids out.  With the exception of a few fearless and interested children, our kids don’t really want much to do with them.  Thankfully, there are ways we can teach our kids about bugs without ever having to touch one.  Hooray!

Here are some non-icky ways to teach our little ones about bugs from the blogs that have recently linked-up on our It’s Playtime! meme.

Learn About Bugs

7 {Non-Icky} Ways To Learn About Bugs

1.  Learn about the ladybug’s life cycle by watching them grow from larvae to full grown bugs with a Ladybug Land.

2.  If you don’t want live lady bugs around, you can also learn about their life cycle by purchasing a pretend version!  An Insect Lore kit comes with plastic versions of each cycle of life for fun hands-on learning.

3.  Go outside and investigate by looking under rocks, in fields and at nighttime and document what you see.  You can even take pictures and make a photo bug book.

4.  Create a baby friendly sensory bin with plastic bugs, Easter grass, river rocks and whatever else you can dream up.  Let them touch and feel and read a book about bugs while they play.

5.  Here is a sensory bin for the older kids with real dirt (or alternately, used coffee grounds) and plastic bugs, spiders and insects.  Discuss and show them the differences between insects and spiders.

6.  Grab a book about bugs and a container of lots of plastic ones and let your kids go through and match them.  Read the name of the bug and have them repeat it.

7.  Paint a bugs spots with just some dot markers and your printer – this creative art project comes with free insect printables!

If you’d like to share your favorite kids activity, you can link up with It’s Playtime! tomorrow afternoon.

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