Mud Painting with Kids

Can I just say this mud painting activity for kids was absolutely fun– even for me!

There’s just something about mud painting that brings back fun childhood memories, so as soon as I saw how much fun the kids were having, I quickly joined in!

mud paint

I was already dirty, so why not? It’s been raining in our neck of the woods, so it was the perfect activity since we already had mud holes in our yard.

If it hasn’t been raining in your area, don’t worry. All you need is dirt and water to get the perfect consistency for mud paint. We took our fun outside, since I’m still learning to be tolerant of messy play inside the house. For me, it’s just so much more relaxing when we do our messy play outdoors.  Plus, sometimes the neighbor kids join us and our kids enjoy that.

Make sure your kids are wearing either dark clothes, an apron, or old clothes that you don’t mind getting stained!

mud paint 1

Mud Painting with Kids

  • Dirt
  • Water
  • Food coloring
  • disposable cups

1. In a medium size bowl mix the dirt and water. Kids love mixing so make sure you let the kiddos mix away.

mud paint

2. Take your disposable cups and let your children place mud in each cup.  My two boys were doing the activity so I didn’t fill up the cups too much (about half way).

3. Add food coloring to each cup. I added about 6-10 drops depending on how much dirt is in the cup.

4. Mix the coloring and mud and then paint away! I didn’t want to use the normal painting utensils because I wanted my boys to have direct contact with the mud.  It’s a great sensory activity. Feeling the cool mud sliding in your hands and running through your fingers.  So we did splash paint.  We dipped our hands in the cups of mud paint and then we splashed it onto the paper.

We had a total blast, and will totally do it again!

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