Personalized Game Pieces

Personalized Game Pieces

Kids will love these personalized game pieces so they can become the character in their own board games. You can used these game markers on any of your own store bought games or get inspired by these DIY board games for kids on Kids Activities Blog.

Personalized Game Pieces

Creating personalized game board markers has been on my to-do list for a long time. The cardboard markers that come with the Chutes and Ladders game are hard to fit into the plastic pieces. My kids have tried to jam them in and they have become bent and misshapen. I don’t know why it took me so long to put these game pieces together because they were really simple to create, and the kids love them.

Materials Needed

  • Full Length Photos of Your Children
  • Mod Podge (optional)
  • Sponge Brush (optional)
  • Stencil Sheet (optional)
  • Printer Paper or Heavy Stock Paper if skipping the Mod Podge step (see instructions below)
  • Contact Paper or Laminator
  • Plastic Game Piece Holders or Binder Clips

* NOTE: There are two ways to make these game pieces. I chose to Mod Podge the photos onto stencil paper to add stability. You can simply print out photos on to heavy stock paper and skip the Mod Podge step. It won’t make them quite as durable, but it would still work. If you do not have plastic game piece holders, binder clips will work as a substitution.

Written Instructions

1. Take full length pictures of your children. Add these to a word document by choosing Insert>Photo>Picture from File. If adding multiple photos, right click on the photo and select Format Picture>Layout>Behind Text. By doing this step, it makes it easy to move the pictures around independently of each other. Select the picture and resize them so the images of your children are between 2 1/2 and 3 inches tall. Print these out onto normal printer paper if using Mod Podge to adhere to stencil sheet. Print onto heavy stock paper if skipping the stencil sheet/Mod Podge step.

2. If using the Mod Podge and stencil sheet, trim photos and Mod Podge the photos onto a stencil sheet. Let these dry completely. Please visit my post about 10 Tips for Using Mod Podge for guidance.

3. Once dry, trim around the pictures, leaving a slight border around your child.

4. Cut out a piece of contact paper big enough to wrap around the photo of your child. Remove backing of contact paper and fold around the image. Press firmly and carefully, avoiding bubbles. You can use a laminator rather than contact paper as well. It will have more of a grainy feeling with the contact paper. Trim around the edges of the contact paper or laminate, leaving a slight boarder around the image.

5. You now have an adorable replacement for all of your board game markers. Don’t have the plastic pieces for your game markers to help them stand? No worries!! Binder clips are a great replacement!

I hope you have a lot of fun making your personalized game pieces. Do you love to create personalized items using your children’s pictures? Why not try making these personalized magnet dolls or make your kids into interchangeable blocks. Need some tips for taking great photos of kids? These tips for taking kids portraits should be helpful. This Shutterfly guide for taking pictures of wiggly kids gives great tips too!

Visual Instructions

Personalized Game Pieces

Personalized Game Pieces

Personalized Game Pieces

Personalized Game Pieces

Personalized Game Pieces

Personalized Game Pieces

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