15 Clever Toy Car Storage Ideas

15 Clever Toy Car Storage Ideas

Did your kids get a ton of new toy cars this holiday? My little boy got so many! Now I’m on the hunt for some car storage ideas to contain them. Like most of our new things we received as gifts, we now are tasked with finding a home for all of them. But for the cars, I’m extra excited because there are some really clever ways to store them! (affiliates included)


15 Clever Toy Car Storage Ideas

Build your own hot wheels parking garage that will hold all your cars in a fun way. via Frugal Fun for Boys

Hang your cars on the wall (within reach of the kiddos) using metal knife bars you can find on Amazon. This is so smart! via Keeping Up With The Smiths

You can also put them on the walls with book ledges! via Stacy’s Savings

This over the door car case lets you see all your hot wheels and can easily come down and fold up.

Use a tackle-box to store up to 100 toy cars. This is awesome so you can take them room to room! via Adventure’s of Action Jackson

15 Clever Toy Car Storage Ideas


You can create a really unique car storage from a recycled tire. This idea is so fun! via Spaceships and Laserbeams

Make your own hanging organizer so your cars can hang on the wall but also fold up. via Pick Up Some Creativity

Spray paint a toy car and the lid of a jar ot make a super cool car jar. via Simplicity In The South

A simple plastic thread organizer works awesome for toy cars!

15 Clever Toy Car Storage Ideas

Here’s another simple DIY wall storage idea anyone can build! via Little Bits of Home

I love this idea of labeling a metal bucket and filling it up with your toy cars. What a simple clean up! via Shanty 2 Chic

This fun hot wheels car case can take 100 cars anywhere. Complete with a handle and wheels!

You must see this simple shoe rack turned gorgeous wall garage. via A Lo And Behold Life

This toy car mat lays flat for play and then folds the cars up for storage! Love this idea. via Etsy.

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