Got a Girl? 40+ Activities to Make them Smile


The Most Girly Things EVER!  I have three daughters and they had a blast scouring Pinterest to find their favorite activities and girl crafts.  These are all things that my girls (ages 4-9) have either done or can’t wait to do – soon!

crafts for girls

Girl Craft Ideas

Got a little girl who loves to make her own jewelry? If so, you have to check out these adorable craft stick bracelets! Unique and can be made to fit any wrist.

Unicorn Poop – if your girls are like mine this will make them giggle!  Our beg to make another batch.

Yet another super fun and cute craft to make with washi tape. These colorful washi tape bracelets will have your little girl crafting all day long.

These sweet animal envelope valentines can be used for more than just Valentine’s Day. They would be great as birthday cards or thank you notes as well!

Turn boring old plastic zoo animals into regular party animals with this fun and silly tutorial.

girly crafts for kids

Girly Activities

Kaleidoscopes are already super entertaining but when you add Perler beads to the mix these little thing become irresistibly addicting. Make these mini open-ended kaleidoscopes for yourself and see what I mean!

Got a little princess in the house? She will love this interlocking cardboard castle that she can completely customize to fit her imaginary world.

Princess Hat cupcakes.  It is a load of fun to make cupcakes out of snow-cone liners.  The result is princess hat cupcakes!  Yum.

crafts and activities that girls will love

Things Girls Can Make

Ribbon Flowers.  You can make a collection of flowers for your hair following these tips.

These beautiful kirigami flowers would make really neat one-of-a-kind wall decoration for your little girl’s bedroom or play room.

You know the book Fox in Sox? Well, here is a super cute fox sock puppet that you can make to go along with the book!

If you have a little one who loves to make necklaces, you’ll definitely have to check out these DIY animal necklaces.

What little girl doesn’t want to be a superhero or a masqueraded beauty? These colorful crayon masks can be both with this fun tutoral!

crafts for girls

Best Crafts for Girls

Plain pasta necklaces are SO last year! These painted pasta necklaces are all the rage now.

DIY Starfish Bangles.  So fun!  Mix up a batch of the molding material and make custom jewelry from toys, shells, the sky is the limit!

Make your own chalk paint with just simple ingredients.

This isn’t just ANY slime. This is rainbow slime!  Add scents with Essential Oils for a double fun sensory experience.

ways to wear your art

Kids DIY Jewelry Ideas

Best friends bracelets from paper.  These are a ton of fun to make – your kids can create a collection for all of their “best friends”.

Do you have a little one who’s obsessed with doing her own body art? Check out how these little girls made their own beautiful (and colorful) henna hands.

Make your own friendship bracelet loom with four simple things you already have in your home.

Swimsuit bracelets.  Transform an old swimsuit into something useful this summer!  Hair Ties.

Why spend tons of money on simple glitter tattoos when you can make your own that last longer and look way better!

These little milk jug rings are super cute and can be customized to fit little fingers.

Looking for a way to upcycle those empty water bottles? Check out these adorable bottle bangles that your little girl can color and customize to her hearts content.

ideas for girls

Headbands are a cake walk to make!  Use an old T-shirt – no sewing skills required.

Pom-pom flowers.  If a birthday or special event occurs during a time when there are no flowers to buy easily, make your own!  These yarn pom-pom flowers are FUN!

ideas for girls

Every Princess has a princess Pony.  And princess pony’s get messy hair.  Time for a toy makeover with these tips.

Fizzing Fairies!  That is what your kids become when they mix science with glitter to make a fairy potion.

These washer necklaces are perfect for the little one who isn’t big on glitter but still loves to accessorize!

Regular sandwiches are boring.  Liven up your normal PB& J with a Fairy Sandwich Window.  All you need are some sprinkles and a cookie cutter.

ideas for girls

This glitter crown is sure to please any little budding princess.

Pink Pancakes.  SO FUN!  You can make them pink with either mashed cherries or even beet juice if you don’t like food dyes.

Koolaid smells a bit like jelly beans!  This is the best way to enjoy koolaid, in playdough.  Make it in just five minutes!

A sweet twist on a classic game. Make kindness cootie catchers with your little ones.

Decorate your yard with these colorful water bottle wind spirals.

Melting Elsa’s frozen hand is a great way to cool down and keep your little princess entertained.

Create little fairy doors among the trees and invite your little fantastical friends to join in your imaginary fun.

Make your own magical bubble wands out of pipe cleaners for your little fairy princess.

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